Health Blog with an Obese Editor

Despite being interested in health and wellness for a long time, I must reveal to that I am a 5’7 26-year-old cis woman boasting a Body Mass Index of 36.8. I’m clinically obese and probably the last person who should be online offering her two cents with regards to being healthy.

Yes. I’ve been ordering pizza multiple times a week. Yes. I constantly hit the snooze button whenever my 5 a.m. workout alarm sounded off. And did I mention that my early my 20s have died and gone along with my metabolism? This kind of behavior is without a doubt counterintuitive of the founder of a health blog.

The problem is that during the trauma-drill that was 2018 and a nice chunk of 2017, I simply wasn’t writing.

I stopped believing in my writing and became more and more afraid of sharing my writing with others. I opted to share an extra large pizza instead. Eating helped me cope with rejection, since much of the time I normally spent being active, was spent pointlessly job hunting, networking, and trying to gain ‘real skills’ that I could use to make a decent living, and thus be productive to the world rather than being true to myself. Stepping on the scale did nothing to boost morale, but my Uber Eats account was always there to pick up the slack.

Is there something in your life that you’re either really good at or really enjoy? Imagine feeling like adulthood told you that there’s no longer any time in your day to do it, or that it isn’t important. I won’t speak for you, but I that feeling does not inspire me to take care of myself, let alone go for a jog.

That said, I don’t write for ‘Health Experts United’ or the ‘Perfect Patty Paper’. I created realness of health to tell real stories about real things in my very real life. Instead of abandoning my creations and allowing my humble following to wither away, I will be dedicating 2019 to rebuilding and strengthening my relationship with sleep food writing.

I don’t have any official list of New Year’s resolutions because in today’s scary, polluted, competitive society, being my best and healthiest self will be no more or less of a day by day, inch-by-inch challenge in 2019 than it was in 2018.

As I reacquaint myself with my first love, I encourage you to do the same. Do your work. Do some good. But take some time to do something to affirm who you are.

Happy New Year,



downloadJiell Richardson is a web designer/developer, fat yogi padawan, and blogger based in Washington, DC, USA.

So Here I Am, Spitting In A Tube For 5 Minutes..

For as long as I could remember, I’ve been interested in culture, heritage and the things that make us all unique. As an African-American, it’s disappointing to face the reality that knowledge of my African family history will never reach farther back than my great grandparents (for most of us, knowledge barely surpasses our grandparents). My resourcefulness and love of history led me to discover my Native American (Haliwa-Saponi) roots, but I was always curious to learn more.

I finally gave in and purchased a DNA test kit which promises to give me answers to all my questions about my identity. Not only will my ethnic makeup be broken down, but I will also learn about my physical traits and diseases I’m more or less likely to carry. I’m excited and anxious at the same time. Imagine having a laundry list of all the diseases you have an 80% chance of dying from..

In a little over a month I should have my results. In the meantime, I’m enjoying this process as a nice conversation starter.



downloadJiell Richardson is a web designer/developer, fat yogi padawan, and blogger based in Washington, DC, USA.

Why realness of health?

At one point, I could often be found clicking away on Pinterest, pinning countless recipes I ended up never trying and inspirational quotes/graphics that were clearly just ads for Nike. I liked to think myself a psuedo-gym rat mainly because I would only have seasons when gym was life followed by two months of straggle and regression.

One reason for my inconsistency was my losing sight of why I chose this lifestyle to begin with. You’re likely thinking, “DUH,” you go to Zumba and eat kale like pudding because you want to look good in skinny jeans!” And to that I say there’s few flaws the right blouse and camera angle can’t fix. At 205lbs I didn’t have trouble getting approached at least once at the bar. Therefore I needed more substantial motivation.

Ok. But, DiGiorino, Netflix and feelings. Yea.

My other reason for falling off the wagon so much was the fact that after a while I would just get bored. Just as Crossfit is great for some and Pilates works for others, generic Barbie trainers marching in place and Marine bros constantly asking
me if I even lift just wasn’t cutting it for me. I needed a happy medium. Something to make me feel empowered and, more importantly, keep me awake!

I intend to provide the same to others with realness of health. I want to empower, inform and entertain people. I also wish to bring more attention to other important aspects of one’s well-being beyond protein shakes and gym selfies (but I won’t rule those guilty pleasures out completely).

There’s a vision in my head of what realness of health can become and hope that you will join me in watching it all unfold. Will you?


Jiell Richardson is a web designer/developer, fat yogi padawan, and blogger based in Washington, DC, USA.