Not Having Kids? Not Buying a Car?: My side of the Story

Not Having Kids? Not Buying a Car?: My side of the Story

I recently learned that I might very well be contributing to the decline of the natural born U.S. citizens. As a college-educated urban millennial woman, I find myself on the edge of my seat these days, itching to learn what new institutional-crushing superpower market researchers and journalists have uncovered about me.

I’m 26 years old and, in addition to not having or planning on having kids, I don’t own a house or even a car. I use to feel ashamed of my lack of control over my life and how I was potentially letting down my family by not actually manufacturing a life for myself to mirror that of my mother and grandmother (women who firmly believe that children are what make life complete).

I  have no idea what my life will look like in 3 years, let alone 6 months, and I’ve recently accepted that I really don’t have time right now to think about it. Long story short, here are 5 reasons why I’m told need to have kids and why I absolutely will not.



You need to pass on your legacy.

Seeing as you likely skipped the intro, I’ll reiterate the fact that I don’t own any property of value such as a house or vehicle and have no desire to. So, if I died today, what exactly would I be leaving to pass down? My refurbished laptop? An Instagram account of barely 50 followers?

You would make such cute babies. 

My S.O. (significant other) is cute and she thinks I’m cute. But I am literally a meat sack of recessive genes and, well the logistics of us reproducing aren’t readily plausible logistically.

You will have more people to share the fruit of your success with.

My over-21 friends have loads of fun attending brunch and paying for alcoholic beverages with our hard-earned money.

Babies smell good.

That is a very very strong argument. Babies do in fact smell heavenly. Sometimes, when I’m feeling down, I will randomly request to hold a baby. Babies are wonderful. They love you unconditionally and they can’t walk into the kitchen steal your leftover Thai food when you’re not looking. However, a 6-year-old can, a 15-year-old can, and so can the 23-year-old college grad who will inevitably be living in your basement rent-free for another 5 years. I’m good.  

Children are a reflection of the love you and your spouse share.

Please see #3. The love of my life, too, enjoys the brunch. We drink mimosas and talk about our feelings.

Why realness of health?

Why realness of health?

At one point, I could often be found clicking away on Pinterest, pinning countless recipes I ended up never trying and inspirational quotes/graphics that were clearly just ads for Nike. I liked to think myself a psuedo-gym rat mainly because I would only have seasons when gym was life followed by two months of straggle and regression.

One reason for my inconsistency was my losing sight of why I chose this lifestyle to begin with. You’re likely thinking, “DUH,” you go to Zumba and eat kale like pudding because you want to look good in skinny jeans!” And to that I say there’s few flaws the right blouse and camera angle can’t fix. At 205lbs I didn’t have trouble getting approached at least once at the bar. Therefore I needed more substantial motivation.

Ok. But, DiGiorino, Netflix and feelings. Yea.

My other reason for falling off the wagon so much was the fact that after a while I would just get bored. Just as Crossfit is great for some and Pilates works for others, generic Barbie trainers marching in place and Marine bros constantly asking
me if I even lift just wasn’t cutting it for me. I needed a happy medium. Something to make me feel empowered and, more importantly, keep me awake!

I intend to provide the same to others with realness of health. I want to empower, inform and entertain people. I also wish to bring more attention to other important aspects of one’s well-being beyond protein shakes and gym selfies (but I won’t rule those guilty pleasures out completely).

There’s a vision in my head of what realness of health can become and hope that you will join me in watching it all unfold. Will you?

In all realness,



Jiell Richardson is the Creator and Executive Editor of realness of health. When she is not shamelessly peddling her vegan brownies, she is a freelance blogger and budding graphic novelist.