Everyone Has A Cure

These days I don’t take much medicine. Part of why is because I feel that it either doesn’t work or it works a little TOO well. My family members often make fun of me because whether you have a headache, menstrual cramps or an itchy throat, you can count on me making you a cup of ginger tea before I reach for the bottle of Ibuprofen whether you like it not.

Ginger is known to help with a lot of things including nausea and morning sickness, sinus pressure and, wait… it helps arthritis?! Ha! The things you learn..

An old skool stereotype of the South is the swearing by of Crisco vegetable shortening. It probabaly isn’t the healthiest thingfor your diet, but I’ve heard quite a few stories of Crisco being used for a number of things other than frying chicken.Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s a Crisco deep conditioner. A lady always keeps them guessing *wink*.I think back to Eddie Griffin’s character in Date Movie with his spray bottle of hummus. In retrospect, I have to say that I’m in complete solidarity you, Eddie.

Even if your go-to is more of a reassuring placebo than an actual remedy, what’s your cure for everything? Share in a comment below.

photo by Jakub Kapusnak


Jiell Richardson is a web designer/developer, fat yogi padawan, and blogger based in Washington, DC, USA.


Why realness of health?

At one point, I could often be found clicking away on Pinterest, pinning countless recipes I ended up never trying and inspirational quotes/graphics that were clearly just ads for Nike. I liked to think myself a psuedo-gym rat mainly because I would only have seasons when gym was life followed by two months of straggle and regression.

One reason for my inconsistency was my losing sight of why I chose this lifestyle to begin with. You’re likely thinking, “DUH,” you go to Zumba and eat kale like pudding because you want to look good in skinny jeans!” And to that I say there’s few flaws the right blouse and camera angle can’t fix. At 205lbs I didn’t have trouble getting approached at least once at the bar. Therefore I needed more substantial motivation.

Ok. But, DiGiorino, Netflix and feelings. Yea.

My other reason for falling off the wagon so much was the fact that after a while I would just get bored. Just as Crossfit is great for some and Pilates works for others, generic Barbie trainers marching in place and Marine bros constantly asking
me if I even lift just wasn’t cutting it for me. I needed a happy medium. Something to make me feel empowered and, more importantly, keep me awake!

I intend to provide the same to others with realness of health. I want to empower, inform and entertain people. I also wish to bring more attention to other important aspects of one’s well-being beyond protein shakes and gym selfies (but I won’t rule those guilty pleasures out completely).

There’s a vision in my head of what realness of health can become and hope that you will join me in watching it all unfold. Will you?


Jiell Richardson is a web designer/developer, fat yogi padawan, and blogger based in Washington, DC, USA.