The Tea: For cold and flu season



I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus. Halloween night shenanigans left me with a nasty cold and sinus infection. The road to recovery involved a few days of intense tussin and antihistamine treatment, but one concoction that helped a lot  was an extra spicy ginger tea. The hot spicy tea definitely works in clearing things out and soothe a sore throat.

Here’s how to make it yourself..

Ingredients: bag of ginger or lemon ginger tea, tablespoon of honey, salt, dash of cayenne pepper

Directions (very easy):

  • place tea bag in a mug
  • sprinkle table salt in mug
  • pour tablespoon of honey on tea bag
  • add pinch of cayenne pepper
  • add boiling hot water and let tea sit for 2-3 mins

Spice, spice, spice! If you’re like me, your sinus is pitifully weak willed and inflames very easily. Spices helps to clear up gross mucus and ease pressure from sinus headaches. Ginger and cayenne is a natural mucokinetic and it’s tasty (if you’re into spices). Other remedies at work include honey, which is anti-inflammatory, salt water, which clears your throat, and lemon, which strengthens your immune system.

Two to three cups a day worked well for me, but the good thing about tea as opposed to over-the-counter drugs is that you don’t have to worry about drowsiness or “overdoing it”.

Drink up and stay well!